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The Burning Questions: should I build a bunker?


If this is the view from your front porch, it's too late.

Okay.  Now we’re really treading in the big kids’ pool.

But, why not build a bunker?  After all, if you’re thinking about it you’ve probably admitted that there are many things simultaneously going wrong in the world that are way out of your control.  Maybe you’ve got a gun, a few months worth of food, some silver, and a ten pound bag of stressful paranoia wrapped around your neck.  I mean, if the White House has a bunker, shouldn’t YOUR HOUSE have one too?

Will it make a difference? Will all the preps in the world withstand a nuclear blast? A category 5 hurricane?  ZOMBIE Apocalypse? Maybe you’re morally bound to living in the suburbs or can’t afford to totally rebuild a life in the mountains of Montana.  Isn’t a bunker in the backyard the next best thing?

Hold on a minute, though.  Building a bunker is a serious committment.  It means you’re definitely committed long-term to your current location.  It means you have made a decision to shelter in place come hell or high water.  It also means you’re committed to seeing such an expansive project all the way through, because half a bunker is no protection at all.

Besides the obvious upticks in having a fortified, underground shelter able to withstand virutally anything, bunkers are prohibitively expensive and there is little hope of recouping the investment if you do eventually move.  Zoning laws and permitting may make the venture legally impossible, and you may have a spouse who already thinks you’re crazy.

Wow.  Lots of obstacles. Plus, we haven’t really factored in the hardship of actually living in a bunker for weeks to months and that ensuing crazy making.  Imagine eating ramen noodles and playing chutes and ladders with your kids for 3 months straight.  The thought really takes a lot of the fun out of it.

If you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to go all the way and carefully weigh the expense with the idea of bugging out before a major catastrophe.  If you’ve already got it, drop me a line and let me know how you did it.

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One Response to “The Burning Questions: should I build a bunker?”

  1. T.R. says:

    Underground complexes are hard to get rid of . The French turned some of the underground bunkers the Germans built on the coast into condos . Why not , they already had electricity , plumbing , etc . and an ocean front view .


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