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The Art of the Bug out Bag – What’s inside?

Ask ten people what they would put in their bug out bag and you will likely get ten different answers. 

True, there will be some common elements that are reflected across the board. Items such as water, food, a knife and some sort of shelter probably (read better be!!) in all emergency kits. After the necessities are taken care of what goes into your bag is limited by how much you want to strap on your back and slough along with. That really boils it down to individual preference and environment.

The true art of the bug out bag isn’t so much what’s inside the bag, but what’s inside the owners head.

bug out bag

Before you bug out, don't forget to pack all seven dwarves.

All of the pretty, shiny gear in the world will serve no purpose if the user is clueless. No piece of equipment or new tool will ever be able to replace the need for certain knowledge and skills. The necessary skills to survive should be the first item on any emergency checklist.

Once skills are gained they need to be treated with care, because they will perish. Take them out, dust them off, and impress your friends. The best time to set up an emergency shelter or build a fire is when you are in to comfort of your own backyard. Doing either task will become vastly more difficult in the dark with a cold rain blowing.

Although there small items that will make a stressful situation infinitely more comfortable (a knife, perhaps) while incrementally adding value along the way, don’t forget to the most important items in the bug out bag — critical thinking and well-rehearsed skill.

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