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5 Guns Everyone Should Own (even your Grandmother)

For any self reliant individual there are a few guns that are a “must have”. I will avoid going into specific makes and models and instead talk about the basic firearms by type and their value in a survival situation.   .22 caliber rifle This firearm is invaluable for several reasons. They are economical in terms […]

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Building a Bug out Bag: 15 things to consider

As with all things related to personal preservation a lot of thought needs to be given when building your Bug out Bag (BOB). Bug out Bags, or 72 hour bags should be used like a reserve parachute on a pilot. You only pull the cord of the reserve chute when the plane and primary chute […]

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The Art of the Bug out Bag – What’s inside?

Ask ten people what they would put in their bug out bag and you will likely get ten different answers.  True, there will be some common elements that are reflected across the board. Items such as water, food, a knife and some sort of shelter probably (read better be!!) in all emergency kits. After the […]

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Video Locker

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available