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Measuring up to Military Fitness: can you hack it?

Have a look at a garden variety Army Ranger.  You’ll notice this type of person isn’t really built for lying on a flat bench and lifting heavy stuff over and over again. Military fitness does not waste time with isolating muscles or creating elaborate workouts aimed at enhancing appearance while sacrificing functionality. They all concentrate on […]

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The Burning Questions: should I build a bunker?

  Okay.  Now we’re really treading in the big kids’ pool. But, why not build a bunker?  After all, if you’re thinking about it you’ve probably admitted that there are many things simultaneously going wrong in the world that are way out of your control.  Maybe you’ve got a gun, a few months worth of […]

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Snowbound: how to make it out alive from a winter snowstorm

When I was a teenager, I was snowbound for two days in the mountains of Montana in a stuck vehicle that quickly became buried.  I was grossly unprepared without food, water, tools, communications, or proper clothing.  I had a lucky break in weather, and decided to overland hike 13 miles to the nearest shelter where […]

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5 Guns Everyone Should Own (even your Grandmother)

For any self reliant individual there are a few guns that are a “must have”. I will avoid going into specific makes and models and instead talk about the basic firearms by type and their value in a survival situation.   .22 caliber rifle This firearm is invaluable for several reasons. They are economical in terms […]

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Writing your Survival Plan

One of the most overlooked aspects of survival preparations is the actual survival plan. Of course most people have some sort of loose “plan” but often it isn’t written anywhere rendering it useless. Writing down your survival plan and having it available will prove to be invaluable when the SHTF and you are in emergency mode. Imagine how easy […]

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Review: Survivors

Two things you should know about Jim Rawles (creator of survivalblog.com) is this: Jim Rawles loves him some Jesus. Jim Rawles loves to imagine whacking folks with weapons of exotic caliber. Let’s get it out of the way… his latest work, Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse, about the ultimate TEOTOEWWKKIO (or whatever) scenario […]

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The Burning Questions: should I buy a gas mask?

A nice, solid litmus test for how paranoid you truly are is whether or not you have a gas mask, train with a gas mask, or walk around town with a gas mask 24/7.  Let’s face it.  A hardcore gas mask is the quintessential symbol of the apocalypse, but respitory protection is a serious hazard even in […]

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Hunt for Survival – guide to field dressing, transporting, and preparing game

Long term survival could depend on you hunting wild game for your food. Hunting isn’t the hard part of this endeavor, cleaning the animal and preparing it for cooking is. There are lots of good resources out there that can help. I found this article to be particularly well written and inclusive. Be Prepared for […]

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Murphy’s Law of Survival: If the Zombies are in range

I did the article just for chuckles!! Also my good friend Emilie K. loves to read all about zombies and how to combat them. I have done everything I can to educate her on the topic but there is always more to learn. So with that in mind I scoured the web for some quick […]

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old school knots

7 Knots and Hitches you should’ve known yesterday

Are you that person who uses a whole bale of twine plus six or seven bungy cords to get your Christmas tree home from the grocery store parking lot? After all, if you can’t tie a KNOT, tie a LOT. This may be perfectly cool if it’s the extent of your knot-tying requirements, but once […]

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