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Survival fitness goals


More than any other factor, your physical and mental fitness are intertwined into your survival during an emergency or disaster. If you are not prepared to walk out, defend yourself, or endure a great deal of stress for an extended period, then all the plans, gear, and ammo in the world will not help much.

It’s important to set goals, maintain a schedule, and follow through.  MUCH easier said than done, and I’m thinking you may have heard this before.  If you’re rusty and feeling like that third liverwurst sandwich and beer may have not been your brightest health moment, now may be the time to haul out and do some roadwork.  No gym membership required.

Many modern workouts only make you perfectly suited for working out and don’t provide much functional fitness — this is counter to any military regiment where Uncle Sam couldn’t care less about what your body looks like so long as you can physically perform your mission.  A human body should be able to lift itself while maintaining flexibility and endurance.  I’ve never seen where doing bench press over and over helps much with this.

Here’s a few tipsto jump start a workout plan that may end up not only improving your overall health but also saving your life or the life of someone you love in the event you’ve got to jam.

Great job... now lift your arms. No really -- lift your arms.

  1. Superset: this means adding 2-3 exercises in a rotational loop that complement each other without stopping for rest in between.
  2. Spread the focus on groups of muscles: Recently I casually monitored a guy in the gym perform 6 different tricep exercises that lasted almost an hour.  What a waste!  Instead, I’d recommend creating exercises that will spread the lactic acid love over major sets of muscles.  One of my favorites is any step up while raising a dumbell overhead — then switch.  Head straight into some medicine ball work, and you’ll be wasted in about 15 minutes.
  3. Ditch the long run:  My first marathon did not feel healthy.  In fact, it felt like every mile past 20 was breaking me.  However, my marathon preps included hills and sprints which yielded my best 1.5 mile time ever (7:46) as an ancillary benefit.  It’s simple (and simply horrible) — STEP 1: find a hill.  STEP 2: sprint up the hill.  STEP 3: walk down to the base of the hill.  STEP 4: repeat until nauseous.

There are thousands of self-proclaimed gurus out there who will sell any number of snake oil recipes for health.  Keep it simple, and remember the rule — “pain is the weakness leaving your body!”

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress.

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