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Success at Chantilly

This weekend Pat and I ventured out to the Dulles Expo center for our first gun show in this area.

The show set attendance records for all three days and for us it was a huge success. When I say huge success I am not talking about dollars in sales or any other financial measure. We measured success by the volume of interaction that we had with like minded people. We go the opportunity to meet some really great people from the DC metro area who are just as concerned as we are.

Our success was thanks to Bobby, Anna, Travis and his friends and everyone else who stopped by to talk and exchange ideas about prepping.

We are successful because of guys like William, who let us know we were on the right track, and for people like our new friends at Fairfax Hospital. These people, who represent a good cross-section of American society, all shared a common concern and need to prepare for any emergency situation. People from all walks of life came by and spent time with us and exchanged ideas, concerns and possible solutions. For us the networking with other preppers was vastly more important than any amount of money that we could make. We look forward to staying in touch with everyone we meet and hope that we were able to give you some little kernel of information that will be of some use to you.

When the SHTF these people will be the ones that manage to make it.

Thanks to everyone!


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