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A New Gunslinger Comes to Town

I enjoy going to gun shows! Pat and I set up at as many local shows as we have time for. Last week we ventured a little ways from our respective homes and participated in a very interesting show. Business was ok, but the traffic of people coming through was very light. One thing that […]

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Building a Home Emergency Kit – 7 things you should consider

Every home should have a well prepared emergency kit. This kit should be well stocked with items that will allow you and your family to make it through most any disaster or emergency with a relative level of comfort. When building your home emergency kits there are seven categories of items that need to be […]

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America’s Gun Buying Spree

Halleluiah and pass the ammo! My dear friend Pat just sent me a news article that touched my gun toting heart. It seems that 2011 was a good year for the believers of the 2nd Amendment. The report states that the FBI processed more back-ground checks for potential gun applicants than ever before. What great […]

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5 Guns Everyone Should Own (even your Grandmother)

For any self reliant individual there are a few guns that are a “must have”. I will avoid going into specific makes and models and instead talk about the basic firearms by type and their value in a survival situation.   .22 caliber rifle This firearm is invaluable for several reasons. They are economical in terms […]

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Firearms for Survival

One tool that is central to self reliance is a firearm. A firearm makes it possible to protect oneself and family, provide game for food, and can serve as a valuable bartering item. Firearms have been one of the most heavily debated topics among the self-reliant crowd. Everyone wants to know what size, what kind, […]

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Gear Review: Zombie Tools “Rough and Ready”

If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for anything. The boys from Zombie Tools live in my hometown of Missoula, MT, which explains an awful lot.  I saw these guys after making my first machete and poking around the Interwebs for custom machetes, and needless to say, it was love at first site. This is […]

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Video Locker

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