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A Few Water Mistakes You Should Avoid 5 Ways to purify water in a pinch Building a Home Emergency Kit The Burning Questions: should I build a bunker? Snowbound: how to make it out alive from a winter snowstorm

A Few Water Mistakes You Should Avoid

Food and water storage should be easy. In theory, at least, because the mistakes you can make are many. I was surprised I didn’t find too many articles on water mistakes, especially since water is more important than food in critical situations (remember the rule of threes?). I took some time off to write them […]

5 Ways to purify water in a pinch

Water is very easy to find almost anywhere on this planet, but the problem is that if the water isn’t pure enough, you just can’t drink it or use it for washing. So, what do you do when you get stranded somewhere where you just can’t get clean water? Well, you just need to know […]

Building a Home Emergency Kit – 7 things you should consider

Every home should have a well prepared emergency kit. This kit should be well stocked with items that will allow you and your family to make it through most any disaster or emergency with a relative level of comfort. When building your home emergency kits there are seven categories of items that need to be […]

The Burning Questions: should I build a bunker?

  Okay.  Now we’re really treading in the big kids’ pool. But, why not build a bunker?  After all, if you’re thinking about it you’ve probably admitted that there are many things simultaneously going wrong in the world that are way out of your control.  Maybe you’ve got a gun, a few months worth of […]

Snowbound: how to make it out alive from a winter snowstorm

When I was a teenager, I was snowbound for two days in the mountains of Montana in a stuck vehicle that quickly became buried.  I was grossly unprepared without food, water, tools, communications, or proper clothing.  I had a lucky break in weather, and decided to overland hike 13 miles to the nearest shelter where […]

Building a Bug out Bag: 15 things to consider

30 November 2011

As with all things related to personal preservation a lot of thought needs to be given when building your Bug out Bag (BOB). Bug out Bags, or 72 hour bags should be used like a reserve parachute on a pilot. You only pull the cord of the reserve chute when the plane and primary chute […]

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The Art of the Bug out Bag – What’s inside?

29 November 2011

Ask ten people what they would put in their bug out bag and you will likely get ten different answers.  True, there will be some common elements that are reflected across the board. Items such as water, food, a knife and some sort of shelter probably (read better be!!) in all emergency kits. After the […]

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Firearms for Survival

29 November 2011

One tool that is central to self reliance is a firearm. A firearm makes it possible to protect oneself and family, provide game for food, and can serve as a valuable bartering item. Firearms have been one of the most heavily debated topics among the self-reliant crowd. Everyone wants to know what size, what kind, […]

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Gear Review: Zombie Tools “Rough and Ready”

26 November 2011

If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for anything. The boys from Zombie Tools live in my hometown of Missoula, MT, which explains an awful lot.  I saw these guys after making my first machete and poking around the Interwebs for custom machetes, and needless to say, it was love at first site. This is […]

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Survival fitness goals

26 November 2011

  More than any other factor, your physical and mental fitness are intertwined into your survival during an emergency or disaster. If you are not prepared to walk out, defend yourself, or endure a great deal of stress for an extended period, then all the plans, gear, and ammo in the world will not help […]

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how to start a fire

9 ways to start a fire

23 November 2011

Let’s face it, even those grunting knuckle draggers in Quest for Fire knew the power of the flame. After all, it provides cooked food, wards of insects and predators, and makes a nice comfy place to rendezvous with loved ones. Here’s a quick rundown of a few ways to start a fire. 1.  Friction. Bill […]

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