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If not Zombies then what?

Ok I have to confess I really don’t believe that the zombie apocalypse is coming.

I do believe that other disasters, while not as fun to talk about, could and will eventually seriously disrupt our lives. Often times I ask myself if not zombies then what do I need to prepare for? My list of potential threats just got a little longer yesterday thanks to an article in National Defense magazine.  On page 14 of the November 2011 issue is a great article detailing the threat of solar storms to national security. While I am aware that large solar flares have disrupted cell service (documented cases) or screwed with a GPS signals. This article raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

I was not fully educated to the extent of the threat or the current projections. In 1989 a solar flare shutdown an electrical grid in Canada so this threat has occurred on a smaller scale. According to the article the sun is in an unusually active cycle called a “solar maximum” which is prone to causing solar flares. This cycle’s apex is projected to be around May 2013 during this time frame the suns activity is supposed to be at its most volatile. Predicting a solar flare is impossible however a senior fellow at the Institute of National Strategic Studies stated that “We know that these events are going to occur”.  The effects that a large solar flare would have on our complex and aging electrical grid are not flare

However some experts are concerned that a large solar flare could effectively shutdown the nation’s electrical grid. Imagine the mass panic and confusion that would result from a nationwide blackout. Everything we do in modern life is in some way controlled or regulated by electricity. There would not be a quick fix to get us back up and running, individuals would be forced to take care of themselves.

So while this type of threat may not carry the same appeal as a zombie invasion it is much more likely to occur (sorry Pat).

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