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Firearms for Survival

One tool that is central to self reliance is a firearm.

A firearm makes it possible to protect oneself and family, provide game for food, and can serve as a valuable bartering item. Firearms have been one of the most heavily debated topics among the self-reliant crowd. Everyone wants to know what size, what kind, or what make is “best,” however, it’s likely you can find an argument that supports whatever you want. Personally I believe that personal preference and comfort plays a huge part in choosing which firearm you pick. My survival weapon of choice is an AR-15 platform.

I choose that for one specific reason, that being that Uncle Sam spent many years teaching me how to use and maintain that system, therefore I am very comfortable with it. I do realize the shortcoming of the AR and accept them as part and parcel. I have some friends who wouldn’t give a dime for an AR and prefer something in the vein of an AK. Their choice was no more right or wrong than mine. They based their decision on personal preference and comfort. That being said I do believe that there are a few questions that need to be answered before you purchase any firearm.

  1. Do I know how to safely use this weapon? Proper training and practice is paramount with any firearm. Take a firearms safety course! This cannot be overstated, firearms are wonderful inventions but they are inherently dangerous. LEARN TO USE IT BEFORE YOU NEED IT!
  2. Will I be in a stable location or moving? This will determine how much you need to carry, remember the bigger the gun the heavier the bullets. If you are in a stable location don’t over look the possibility of having both a long gun and a sidearm for moving situations, after all no one said you can only choose one.
  3. What is my primary concern? Will I need to be hunting for large game or fighting hordes of diseased zombie? For hunting a good reliable shot-gun or hunting rifle will work just fine, I’m not sure of the best gun to use on a zombie, but I want lots of bullets.
  4. How difficult will it be to maintain my firearm on a long term basis? Simplicity is a virtue in this regard. It is probably best to avoid overly complex or difficult to find firearms. The best, most expensive gun in the world becomes a crappy club when the firing pin breaks. Try to identify firearms that are plentiful and have relatively few moving parts.

When you have answered all the questions above you should have been able to narrow your choices down to a few firearms that will suit your purpose. Good Luck, and remember this information is just a tool and not a hard & fast rule. Take it and use it along with all the other tools you have.

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