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Building a Home Emergency Kit – 7 things you should consider

Every home should have a well prepared emergency kit. This kit should be well stocked with items that will allow you and your family to make it through most any disaster or emergency with a relative level of comfort. When building your home emergency kits there are seven categories of items that need to be […]

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Snowbound: how to make it out alive from a winter snowstorm

When I was a teenager, I was snowbound for two days in the mountains of Montana in a stuck vehicle that quickly became buried.  I was grossly unprepared without food, water, tools, communications, or proper clothing.  I had a lucky break in weather, and decided to overland hike 13 miles to the nearest shelter where […]

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how to start a fire

9 ways to start a fire

Let’s face it, even those grunting knuckle draggers in Quest for Fire knew the power of the flame. After all, it provides cooked food, wards of insects and predators, and makes a nice comfy place to rendezvous with loved ones. Here’s a quick rundown of a few ways to start a fire. 1.  Friction. Bill […]

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