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Discovery Channel Loves the Apocalypse

Have you seen this?? The Discovery Channel is all over the Mayan Calendar, and has even recruited Samuel Jackson to help freak us out even more (“it’s the one that says ‘Bad Motherf***r.'”

These ideas are now mainstream. Consider that some of the most popular shows on television are now featuring bunker builders, gun nuts, and doomsday preppers, and I no longer feel like I’m in the underground.

Will it last? I’m honestly not sure. Americans have short memories and all this prepper hype may just flame out, but I do know that prepping has more to do with building a simple and sustainable life that often translates into being far less dependent and vulnerable to both disasters and “black swan” events. These are now novel and appealing ideas to a large portion of modern culture that yearns to crawl out from under the the florescent lights, knock down the cubicle walls, get off the commuter treadmills and begin to take back a piece of independence that is gone, but not forgotten.

Doomsday just provides a catalyst for action.

Maybe this is the apocalypse the Mayans predicted that has little to do with getting blown up, burned, crushed, or drowned. It may take a disaster for us to reconvene with a more natural and resistant state of being, but it may ultimately prove to be a salvation.

In the meantime, have fun watching these shows! After all, it’s entertaining as hell. But, don’t let it distract you from reality and what’s right for you and your family. Prepping does not necessarily equate to paranoia — but from a desire to be self-reliant and to maintain your responsibility to your family and your community.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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