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Benefits of Freeze Dried

freeze dried food

Over the last few weeks we have been debating getting some freeze dried rations for our online store.

Pat and I have debated the benefits and weighed the costs of venturing into another product line. We spent hours walking through different scenarios and trying to determine the usefulness of freeze dried meals. We bounced ideas back and forth for days discussing the pros and cons of the meals and if they fit in with our Out-Alive vision.

We finally agreed that this type of emergency ration would be a valuable addition for us and our customers. Personally I think that in an emergency that a freeze dried meal would be a huge morale booster. The positive psychological impact of having a warm, appealing meal that actually tastes like food would be invaluable. Imagine having to eat an emergency ration bar three times a day for several weeks that would really suck. Additionally the brand that we were looking at came with either 7 or 25 year shelf life!

It would be pretty cool to have some go to meals that I put in the closet or B.O.B and didn’t have to worry about changing out until I was nearly 65 years old. During our research process we plotted and planned how we would use our rations in most any type of emergency we could think of. Just kicking ideas around like we do from time to time, it helps us stay focused and prevents us from rushing into things. After we exhausted our collective ability to make up disaster scenarios we called a buddy to pick his brain. He was able to provide us with one scenario that had not crossed our minds. Our friend had lived through a disaster where his long-term freeze dried meals saved his butt.

A few years back he had bought an entire years supply of freeze dried rations and put them into his basement. A couple of years passed and he was unfortunately laid off from his job. His disaster was economic! He and his family used his rations to augment their groceries to save on weekly expenses. Having a supply of food on hand was a significant advantage to him in being able to make it through a tough time. To Pat and I this was the icing on the cake, we decided to give freeze dried rations a try and are currently in the process of getting approved by a major manufacturer.

If you are interested in learning more, have a comment or would like to pre-order drop us an email. We are taking pre-orders in order to carry this product, and will offer a deep discount to the first people interested until we get the minimum order amount collected.

Remember the disaster you face may not be the one you planned for, so be ready for anything.

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