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About Us

Patrick and I meet in 2004 when we were both stationed in New York. We worked in the same department and soon found that we had some commonalities between us. We grew up in rural areas, enjoyed the outdoors, and really believed in being self reliant; we also had a similar warped sense of humor and LOVE Zombie movies! We stayed in contact with each other through subsequent transfers and in 2011 we both landed in Washington D.C. Soon we saw a need for someone to teach others some of the essential skills of self reliance and survival. For those of you who grew up growing a garden, hunting or camping these skills are probably like second nature to you or at very least familiar. However there are a lot of urban dwelling brethren that did not have the opportunities that we did. Some of the abilities that we take for granted are viewed with almost mystical awe by some of our city friends. So with that thought in mind Patrick and I began Out-Alive.

Our goal was not to convince people to become hardened, guns slinging, bunker dwelling survivalist, but to teach the importance of preparedness and some of the necessary tools need for survival. We have a belief that at any given moment disaster can strike anywhere. We have seen it in the shape of hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. It has happened and will happen again, 100% guaranteed. We also share a belief that larger more profound disasters can and likely will happen. We have seen our emergency systems overtaxed and people essentially being left to fend for themselves for extended periods of time. These are the times that we want to prepare people for!

Patrick and I aren’t the stereotypical survivalist; we strayed far from the norm on this one. We have a combined total of 29 years of military service in two different branches. Both of us have graduate degrees and we live in a major metropolitan area. I am considered witty, good looking and uncannily smart while Pat is often described as dull, boring and Irish as hell (unfortunately he also edits my articles). When we speak to people about Out-Alive they routinely express surprise that two guys like us are doing this.

Our classes, articles and gear that we provide have all been carefully picked and prepared to provide you with the best chances of surviving and even thriving, when the lights go out and the systems grinds to a halt.  We research and test various equipment in as realistic a setting possible. Everything we offer is meant to be a form of self-insurance that you provide for yourself and your family, another level of protection that is there in case you need it. We aren’t trying to scare you or to convince you that the world in ending or that the zombie invasion has begun. My buddy Pat is way too excited about the prospect of a zombie invasion and I have to constantly rein him in. After all even Pat will get tired of bashing zombie about the head and I will quickly grow bored of test driving every car at the Porsche place and then it becomes a job. Instead our goal is to educate you on the options available to you and your family and offer realistic advice.

Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

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