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A New Gunslinger Comes to Town

I enjoy going to gun shows!

Pat and I set up at as many local shows as we have time for. Last week we ventured a little ways from our respective homes and participated in a very interesting show. Business was ok, but the traffic of people coming through was very light.

One thing that we experienced was the absolute multitude of “Special Forces/Black OPS/Secret Agent/Ninja/National Heroes” that we meet. Apparently every highly trained person in history was there. We meet the guy that was called on the morning of 9/11 to sign over his personal stash of Uzi’s “so America could fight the war on terrorism.”

We also meet the first ever CQB instructor and a 495 lbs (not muscle) special ops guy. Now I am pretty open-minded and don’t mind a good line of B.S every now and then, but DAMN!! Between us Pat and I have 30 years of combined military service so we have had some exposure to the world. We can smell a load of crap when it’s waved right under our nose. That’s not to say that we don’t meet some guys who really are involved in classified stuff, however they don’t talk for hours about their exploits.

For example we meet a gentleman who wanted on of out kits for a “trip” that he was going on. Not much on details or for blowing his own horn, he was actually involved in some things that he knew he couldn’t speak freely about. Good luck to him and be safe! But I have digressed…

I really wanted to talk about the future of gun shows and this weekend I saw it firsthand. The future doesn’t belong to sickly looking old codgers with bad attitudes; it belongs to young, determined entrepreneurs with business savvy. Pat and I like to think we are one of those, but we where humbled by a new gun dealer and his wife. These guys are so well branded and have a great layout of firearms and accessories.

Check out Gunslinger Arms and see what we saw. A great new start up with tons of potential, run by a very personable, well spoken guy who will one day take over the area’s gun market. Visit them at or for more info visit their Facebook page.

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