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9 ways to start a fire

how to start a fire

Let’s face it, even those grunting knuckle draggers in Quest for Fire knew the power of the flame. After all, it provides cooked food, wards of insects and predators, and makes a nice comfy place to rendezvous with loved ones. Here’s a quick rundown of a few ways to start a fire.

1.  Friction. Bill Gates and the PC has nothing on the first person to rub some sticks together and bust out a flame. Can you imagine figuring this out for the first time? I bet that dude had no problem scoring a date to the post-Mammoth-hunt festival.

2.  Battery and steel wool. I don’t exactly carry around 9V batteries and steel wool too much, but this one is still cool as hell.

3. Battery and staple. This has “Saturday Detention” written all over it. Enjoy.

4.  Flint and steel. An Ogre walks into a bar with flint and steel. The bartender lets him in but says, “Don’t start anything”. Hahahahaha!

5.  A match. Need a match? How ’bout my butt and your face? But seriously, if you’ve got to use a match (nearly 100% of the fires you’ll build), at least try to do it with one match.

6.  Cell phone. I feel like doing this every time I get my Verizon bill.

7.  Magnifying glass. And here you thought magnifying glasses were only for burning ants. Silly.

8. Neosporin and Cotton ball. The best part of this video is the extra slice of redneck that comes along for the ride….

9. No. 2 pencil and a car battery. Careful with this one, you could definitely leave a red mark.

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