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5 Guns Everyone Should Own (even your Grandmother)

For any self reliant individual there are a few guns that are a “must have”. I will avoid going into specific makes and models and instead talk about the basic firearms by type and their value in a survival situation.  

.22 caliber rifle

This firearm is invaluable for several reasons. They are economical in terms of the initial purchase and in the ammunition. 550 rounds of quality ammo can be purchased for under $20. This caliber is sufficient for taking small game and in an extreme situation can bring down a deer with proper shot placement. I look for a semi-automatic .22 that offers several follow up shots if needed. In a pinch this caliber will also serve as a decent self defense weapon. I assure you nobody will volunteer to let you shoot them just to prove your .22 isn’t good for defense.      

12 Gauge shotgun

To me this is the best overall gun around. In terms of self defense just racking the slide of a pump 12 gauge can stop a person in their tracks. These shotguns can be used (with proper ammo) to hunt any North American game. I actually have two 12 gauge shotguns, one is a short pump gun with 8 rounds in the magazine tube, and the other is a longer barrel with 3 rounds used primary for hunting.  Put this high on your wish list of firearms!   

Hunting Rifle

Here I will be a little vague for a reason. There are a multitude of good caliber hunting rifles to choose from. The reason for this type of firearm is primary to hunt larger game with ease. When choosing a hunting rifle I look for easily obtainable and common caliber ammunition. Anything in a 30-30, .270, 30-06 or .308 should do the job and be easy to locate bullets for. A scope is always nice but not a required item.


Once again I will be vague here mainly because there are so many solid calibers to choose from. Similar to the advice when choosing a hunting rifle you should stick with common, readily available ammunition, 9mm, .40, .45 or .357 should do the trick nicely. This firearm offers the ability of providing protection and increased portability over long guns. I view my sidearm as my survival weapon of last resort.

Battle Rifle

This weapon is the backbone of a self defense arsenal. They offer high capacity magazines and good range. Most common choices for this category are the AR and AK platforms. Ammunition is relatively inexpensive and obtainable. Primarily in .223/5.56mm for the AR and 7.62x39mm for the AK either round is fully capable of bring down large game. If I was forced to pick one weapon to have for survival this would be it.

 This list is my opinion of what firearms should be in every arsenal. You may agree or disagree with it. However, always remember weapons safety is crucial! Before using any firearm learn its functions and always follow the four weapons safety rules.

  • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded
  • Never point a weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
  • Keep weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.



3 Responses to “5 Guns Everyone Should Own (even your Grandmother)”

  1. T.R. says:

    The Article pretty much hit the spectrum of guns you should have on hand . For those on a budget and cant get both a hunting rifle and a battle rifle , the Mini 30 may fill the void until a replacement can be made , good for a backpack too . For some reason , I just cant stand a .22 , and actually prefer a good air rifle to it every time . Fairly quiet if your concerned about noise .

  2. T.R. says:

    It was suggested by poster on another site that you should find a caliber you are comfortable with and any weapons you add to your collection should be the same caliber . This makes stocking up on ammunition easier if say all 3 of your pistols are 9mm , it also makes it easier in a panic to know what box you grabbed is the right one for the weapon .


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